Best User Behavior Analytics Software

Build better products with powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Easily understand customer engagement and churn

  • Analyze user behavior and products

  • Identify most and least used features

  • Segment users for targeted campaigns

  • Increase retention and boost revenue

best user analytics software

Behavior Analytics

Find out why users retain, engage, and churn when they do. See what features and attributes users are interacting with the most. Analyze user behaviors and optimize your product and campaigns accordingly.

behavior analytics
user insights

User Insights

With our behavioral analytics, see how your users are engaging with your product. Find out how many times they visited, what they did, when they last interacted with your product and more.

feature enagement

Feature Enagement

Get an overview of what features users interacted with, on what date, using what app, and more. Click on each activity log to easily see more details about that session and the attributes it recorded.

data-driven predictions

Data-driven Predictions

Identify trends and patterns among user data and make data-driven predictions. Determine customer scoring, pain points, and needs with data collected from users with similar data.

evaluate campaigns

Evaluate Campaigns

Monitor how your marketing campaigns are performing using real-time usage data. Examine our dashboard to determine if you’ve had a recent spike in activity levels recently.

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Product Analytics

Analyze your product usage across multiple apps with UserTracker. Easily see your most and least popular features. Then dive deep into your data to discover what attributes are driving users to and from your product. Use this data to optimize your product, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

product analytics
identiffy bottlenecks

Identiffy Bottlenecks

Analyze where users are facing issues with your product. Improve user experience by fixing those issues and optimizing product performance.

optimize features

Optimize Features

With data about features that are driving retention and causing potential bottlenecks, prioritize what features need attention. Optimize your features to create a more user-centric product.

app analytics

App Analytics

Gather user and behavioral data and analyze it for unlimited apps, all in one place. Set rules, attributes, triggers, conditions, and much more. Get the insight you need, exactly how you need it.

in-dept feature reports

In-dept Feature Reports

See what features users are actually using the most. Identify your top five most and least popular features, based on visits. Then use reports to drill down into what feature attributes are really driving the most retention.

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Customer Retention

With our product and user behavior analytics, show your users you care and are attuned to their business needs. Identify, analyze, and optimize each stage of the customer’s journey.

customer retention
customer retargeting

Customer Retargeting

Identify what users haven’t interacted with your product recently. With automation, create targeted email campaigns that’ll help you re-engage users before they churn.

identify user flow

Identify User Flow

Know where your users have been, where they are, and where they’re going at every step of the way. Filter user data based on attributes and see what your users have in common.

automated engagement

Automated Engagement

Create control data and determine what’s the best time to reach out to users before they churn. Craft automated tasks for your customer support team, to minimize confusion and help users succeed.

pinpoint popular features

Pinpoint Popular Features

Identify features that are bringing in the most customer retention.

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Customer Onboarding

With user behavior analytics tools, review data, and automate your customer onboarding campaigns. Use workflows to automatically reach customers based on specified conditions met. And determine conditions using similar trends and patterns from previous users.

customer onboarding
personalized emails

Personalized Emails

Quickly send personalized emails to users with specific attributes. Increase positive customer experience and create meaningful relationships with users.

predefined conditions

Predefined Conditions

Use predefined conditions to build customer onbaording workflows to improve onbaording experience and user engagement.



Improve user engagement by assigning tasks to customer support reps and interact with customers.

educate customers

Educate Customers

Send emails and interact with users to educate your customers and improve engagement.

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Drip Campaigns

Reduce churn by creating detailed, segmented email campaigns for your customers. With user activity and attributes, segment users based on their demographics, features used, and more. Increase engagement and revenue with UserTracker.

drip campaigns
customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Optimize your customer targeting by segmenting your audience with drip marketing automation nodes. Make complex segmentation easy and ensure you’re engaging with users.

customer scoring

Customer Scoring

Create data-driven customer scoring with user attributes and activity levels. Identify what is most and least likely to cause customers to churn.



Easily create elaborate drip campaigns and boost your user engagement. Set triggers, configure wait times between actions, create segments based on your user’s stage.

email templates

Email Templates

Ensure your customer emails are consistent and spend less time crafting them with email templates. Create personalized templates with the email drip campaign.

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